A Few of My Books, TV and Podcasts to entertain

What I have been doing apart from Painting and what are you doing?

Everything seems to be at a standstill, plans for holidays or getting out and about have been put on hold or cancelled and this got me wondering what is everyone up to? In the last month things have changed at quite a pace and, as soon as you get time to look all of these things up, they may have disappeared or been replaced with something else! So this blog post is probably good until the end of this month!

It's been interesting to see how the arts are being pulled out of the drawer so to speak to entertain everyone at home. By chance I stumbled on a programme with Bob Ross demonstrating how to paint a sunset - I can't recommend him though, but its entertaining for a bit. The arts industry has effectively closed, no museums or galleries are open. So it’s been interesting to watch and listen to new and revisit older favourites about my world - art.

Listening to art podcasts and going through my favourite books, I thought I would share them with you. If you have felt overwhelmed with the amount of creativity that is springing up then watching other people do it is quite relaxing!



So on Monday 27 April the ceramacist and Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry started his 6 week ‘Art Club’ its on Monday night on Channel 4, link below. I thought it was very good, it showed him in his studio with his wife demonstrating drawing and then painting on ceramics but it had a light hearted touch to it. I enjoyed watching others paint - its very relaxing!

Also a very interesting programme ‘The Price of Everything’ on BBC followed after Grayson Perry’s art club which delves into the high end of the art market and art auction origins. It is really interesting to watch how art dealers influence the path of current contemporary artists.



One of my favourite podcasts is by Antrese Wood at the Savvy Painter, she has a lovely conversational approach and interviews some fascinating and interesting artists, talking all about how their work develops. I was lucky enough recently to have my studio featured on the Savvy Painter Instagram account as one of her features. 

Savvy Painter Podcast 100 episodes

Savvy Painter is a weekly podcast for artists who mean business

Antrese Wood talks to experts in the field about the business of art and how it gets created. Want to know how leaders in the fine art world of plein-air and landscape painting got their start? What habits do top artists have in common?


A few books that I would love to share with you, one recently given to me is Summer in February by Jonathan Smith. Its essentially an artists romance and a true one. described as ‘a disturbing and moving recreation of a celebrated Edwardian artistic community enjoying the last days of a golden age soon to be shattered by war’ it is set in Cornwall and is very easy reading.

My other book which is older is Bright Earth - The Invention of Colour by Philip Ball. It is all about the origin of colour - find out how purple was sourced from shells and why it was so rare. A great read for those wondering where colour actually originates.


I have also put my teaching art online, Skyblue Online Art Classes and so if you want to join in and learn the basics about drawing and painting you can. Recently one of my students said that I had a very relaxing and soothing voice that nearly made her nod off! On that note I hope you are enjoying all these creative outlets and if you can’t join in then watching, reading and listening is also very therapeutic.


Normally I am getting ready, running around for the May Brighton Open Houses and this year was going to be extra special as my good friend Frances moved her Open House and we had lots planned. We are hoping that it will run in the autumn.

I am considering a May special event on my website here, as yet it is unplanned! But I guess this how things are at the moment. 

Do you have favourite art related books or podcasts? I would love to hear about them

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