Choose your own frame with your local framer!

If you order an original painting on paper from my online shop you will get a very bespoke service when you need it framed; delivery and framing is included in the shown price on the website (up to the sum of £150). Sound like a great idea? A while back I was asked by three clients if I could arrange for their artwork to be framed and it was so easy for me to say of course! 

Follow my 6 easy steps

Then I thought that others might like to have the same so now you can take advantage of this and heres how it works in 6 easy steps
  • Order your painting from me online, you can either buy through the website or you can email me to contact directly. You can also make savings by keeping an eye on my twice yearly offers, which have some super discounts.
  • I send the painting to you, delivery is free!
  • I send you the request for Paypal payment. 
  • Your local framer is brilliant! You take the painting in to your framer, choose a mount and frame that suits your decor and then get the framer to make your bespoke frame.
  • You notify me your framers details  After payment from you I call them and  arrange to pay for the frame as you want it. 
  • You pick up your frame with your new original painting by me!

So what is included in this super offer?

Finished framed painting

at the framers


Included in this offer are Paintings on Paper only. Prints are not included

Am I eligible to have work framed outside the UK?

Sorry not at the moment, this is only for the U.K

Where are your delivery terms?

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Where are your terms and conditions?

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How can I receive your next offers?

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