Twenty Year Learning Curve; painting and being an artist

I feel as if this year has been a learning curve on many levels. I am also celebrating a milestone; I have been painting for 20 years this year, I graduated in 1999 from Northbrook College which, as it happens is just along the road from where we now live. In my early years of painting I founded my whole practice on drawing the figure, most of my work involved a black line and was very drawing based. About 7 years ago I started my dance project and continued my interest in movement and over the last 2 years I would say that I have increasingly become inspired by colour and focusing on what my figures in paintings are doing and how feelings can be conveyed through paint. I love paint and colour and am constantly amazed at the possibilities, these possibilities I hope to develop going in to 2020 and beyond.

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As well as being an interesting year for me creatively with painting, I have enjoyed having a new renovated space to work in and this year has been the first year that I could immerse myself in the space to create a body of work which has flowed and I have enjoyed immensely. 

After the studio was completed back in 2018 I decided that I also needed to broaden my marketing skills and really dig into how I could improve what I do. I started an online marketing course and things went from there. This was a big big learning curve and even one year on I feel that I am still learning how to promote my work online through this website. There have been quite a few mistakes along the way but there have also been some great responses.

After starting this site I then decided to launch a new range of prints which are available to buy online. This has proved popular and I will be adding new prints in 2020.

Finally this December I opened up the studio for a drinks and mince pie afternoon to an invite only guest list. It was busy, full of laughter and I could realise a little of my dream; to show my work in the studio as a mini gallery.  

This year has been my best year for online sales

All of this may sound very planned but it wasn't, I tend to do things quickly and spontaneously. I suddenly get an idea and then start it, not really thinking about how it may work out but just doing it until it becomes part of the rest of what I do. I had no idea in 1999 that any of this would be necessary or relevant. Heres to the next decade and what that might present.

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