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In total I have painted 15 new works in the last 10 months, some already have new homes. Let me show you my world of painting here online, it is the first time that some of these new paintings have been seen. 

This year has been like no other for everyone. For me as a painter I have taken a deeper approach to what feels right for me painting right now. Having time to reflect and be more grounded at home has meant that I have been questioning how I feel and whether I could incorporate this somehow into my paintings. Am I really able to transmit what I feel into paint? I haven't really come to any conclusion on this but am satisfied with where I am with the results to date and this in itself for me is a conclusion. Welcome to my studio ....


Here are the very latest paintings done over the last 10 months  

I think that lockdown had a vulnerability about it and questioned a lot of what we take for granted. For me I envisioned sitting with others around a table enjoying relaxing times and appreciating being together, but, it also included times of  being isolated,  feeling left out and picking yourself up when you don't feel like it and moving on to the next day.

As well as painting I also spent time helping others be creative at home with my online art teaching, inviting others to use the time to be creative was a huge insight for me and hopefully my students.

Below is the collection of Big Paintings done over the past years 


My studio is now open again for studio visits and next year I hope to have a Studio Open Day. For now though you can book a visit with me or just get in touch by email


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