2021 - An Unusual Open House Year

Thank you to everyone who made it along to the Open House this year. It has, of course, been a year like no other partly due to the pandemic but also that it was a new venue and location. This was also my 21st year of exhibiting in the Open House.

We were amazed by the reaction from the public, they were very appreciative that we were open and many thanked us for having the opportunity to come in and look at the artworks. This was so lovely to hear, after being at home painting in a  solitary studio and then to meet people - a real highlight for me. 

The open house was busy and people were respectful of the COVID restrictions, so never too many in the house at one time and in a way it did feel like 'back to a type of normality' even with masks on.

The wooden postcards were very popular at the Open House, so I am low on stock with these now but more will be ordered soon with new originals coming.

Although there were no sales of larger paintings I have been busy the last weeks with sales of the very popular Paint Sketches, three have now found new homes in Germany. You can see what is available currently in the Latest Work gallery here

The online sale of 50% off for the Paintings on Paper ends on 30 June

Now its time for me to get back into my studio, I have new work that is waiting.



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