Jane Denman is a painter living in East Preston, West Sussex. Her painting style places figures in an abstract environment and she enjoys working in series. Jane works at home in her studio and studied BA Fine Art at Northbrook College, Worthing, graduating in 1999

Jane’s ambition is to paint stories that convey personal and perhaps collectively felt emotion. Jane collages found images to create new imagined worlds. Drawing is a big part of the process which then works alongside composing the storyline. Jane enjoys using fluid acrylics with thicker bodied acrylic on canvas and paper. Jane has a painting in Worthing Art Museum as part of their collection, has regularly exhibited at the Brighton Art Fair and has collectors in and around Sussex.

I took up painting and went to college in 1995 and since then have been working as an artist mainly from my studio at home which I share with my partner and professional photographer Roy Matthews. I exhibit in the south of England at art fairs, open houses and galleries.
My aim is to create dynamic, colour filled paintings and provide unique bespoke art pieces. I am now able to offer a new range of professional quality prints as well as originals for your space;  a small painting for a niche space or perhaps that statement painting that will really make a room pop. Choosing a painting that complements your home decor is not just wall decoration but very often a life and style choice. 
One of the projects I have been involved is contemporary dance; fueling me as a painter by presenting beautiful, passionate, emotional, and extraordinary movements of the body in space. Often relying upon memory, my work re-imagines dance sequences that I have experienced emotionally as well as visually. I work with a variety of media, especially water-based paints, to create worlds of theatrical dance through drips, splashes, and rivulets of colour.
For the project I worked with dancers, sketched at performances, and drew on photographic stills or video studies to enrich my practice.. Watching dancers on stage, I was intrigued by the physical space in which they moved, particularly the interplay between their bodies, the stage boundaries, theatrical lighting, and darkness. My work attempted to reinterpret these interactions through colour and abstraction, and expressed my intuitive and creative responses to dance.
As a long-time student of yoga, I have a keen personal and artistic interest in how the body moves. For me, dancers are akin to painters: using their bodies, they too draw, incise, and push into space. The process of recreating their balletic movements is complicated, sometimes frustrating, and often challenging, but it is ultimately exhilarating.
I am creating new projects which are constantly evolving but always involve the figure.
I hope you will stay in touch and keep up to date with occasional emails from me and details about individual paintings and the latest pieces in my blog

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