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  • A Few of My Books, TV and Podcasts to entertain

    With everything at a standstill, with plans for holidays or getting out and about being put on hold or cancelled got me wondering what is everyone up to? Things change pretty rapidly and as soon as you get time to look
  • The Roller Coaster Month of March

    March was a roller coaster of a month as I am sure everyone will agree. My story is one of millions that can be related to; I had an exhibition in London, (I have yet to retrieve my painting as it got caught up in lockdown), sold lots of work ..Read more
  • Meltdown - Our House is on Fire

    Have you ever travelled to a place that made you so connected but you couldn’t say why? I did and then several things happened 30 years later to make me create a painting about it. Read the story
  • Female Voices Exhibition at Worthing Exhibition Talking About My Painting

    Worthing Museum are holding a series of talks titled 'Female Voices Exhibition' and one of them, held by Kevin Scott in February talked about my painting 'Red Roaster'. 
  • Social Media Dance Painting

    I am amazed to see who is out there in the world, like minded artists, brilliant artists that inspire me. I have also discovered new people online who have bought my paintings but who I have never met. It can be so rewarding to have comments from complete strangers that help me along the way.
  • Wonder how a painting can get to you? My first daunting delivery

    Read how you can benefit from free shipping and my super framing deal which sort of came about from trying to get my head around this rather dull subject of shipping and delivery
  • Colour and Protest - my new series of paintings

    It has been very interesting from an artist point of view to follow climate protest marches  over this last summer and just as interesting  to see what the organisers would arrange and encourage to present a collective of people in a visual way. My latest series then focuses on calls to action and the use of colour.

  • Dreamers

    A short video where I complete this painting is in this blog post and, if you managed to get to read my last post then you may see a very tenuous theme emerging, one of slumber...
  • Wake Up Call

    A preoccupation of painting can be to keep external thoughts (other than painting) at bay. So circumstances such as world news inevitably filter in to my head when I am painting. 
  • Reaching a Tipping Point

    Delving into a title of one of my paintings completed in 2016; for this canvas I was inspired by a dance titled Tipping Point. Little did I know that this term would be used in quite an unexpected way in 2019
  • Getting Picky

    Sometimes there are too many things going on in a painting and recently I have started to realise this. For elements of a painting to work, at least for me, they need space to breathe. Too many colours, shapes, drips need attending to and this is how a lot of my time is taken up.

  • Moving in and out of the heat

    My attitude towards  the heatwaves we now experience in the UK has changed over the past five years. Perhaps it comes with getting older and feeling the heat more but there is a slight trepidation