A Festive time - My favourite Art Podcasts

A short blog post to wish you all a lovely quiet and healthy time this week and the coming weeks and months. Sitting reading and possibly listening to podcasts is time well spent. I really started listening to more and more podcasts in lockdown, they are a treat to listen to if I am baking or doing crafty things and are a welcome break from too much screen time.

What I love about podcasts is that you can listen to so many diverse subjects, be it stories, comedy, in fact anything. In my case I added to my business skills which has led to me setting up my online art business (The Break Through Podcast) It was encouraging to listen to other business women and their enthusiasm for making things work, what they did and how I could start to make my dream job pay its way.

On my short list I have also included podcasts that feature interviews with other artists, Savvy Painter Podcast, is one of my favourites and then there are a few others such as one recommended by my friend about houseplants! On the Ledge...

If you have any favourite podcasts I would love to hear what they are, leave a comment below. 

Have a lovely break, rest and stay well. 

Best wishes Jane


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