Art and Tranquility: Capturing the Essence of Porto's Leafy Gardens


Hello! In June, I embarked on an exciting journey to Porto, Portugal with a mission to find inspiration for my latest series of paintings. Armed with a borrowed camera from my travel companion, Roy, we spent an amazing 10 days capturing the vibrant spirit of this colourful city. This time, we planned our trip strategically, considering the weather after enduring scorching temperatures during our previous European visit. This experience made me reflect on the importance of seeking shade, both in our travels and in our lives.

Discovering Porto's Hidden Gems:

Planning a city trip can be challenging, but Porto surprised us with its abundance of shady gardens scattered throughout the city. We chose to stay in a leafy area, which made our photography days effortless, and we were lucky to enjoy a pleasant 24°C. Porto's captivating charm and warm hospitality made it an ideal destination for capturing moments that would inspire my artwork.

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The Significance of Weather:

You might wonder why I'm so fixated on the weather, perhaps thinking it's because of my Englishness and our reputation for obsessing over it. However, it has become clear that heat will play a major role in our future. Seeking out leafy areas, especially in urban landscapes, offers a sense of tranquility and solace. In the Jardim da Cordoaria, we found respite from the bustling city under the embrace of magnificent trees. The garden had a relaxed and cool ambiance, with inviting bars and cafes—a luxury often hard to find when exploring a city.

The Journey of Artistic Exploration:

This latest painting marks the beginning of a new artistic endeavour that is still in its developmental stage. My focus is on the pursuit of shade, capturing the essence of calm and serenity found within these leafy retreats. As autumn unfolds, I'm busy working on new ideas and concepts for this series. Soon, you'll have the opportunity to acquire high-quality prints, including canvas prints, of Jardim Porto which will be a new addition to my collection.

Porto, with its captivating beauty and welcoming atmosphere, has left a lasting impression on my artistic journey. Through my paintings, I aim to convey the significance of seeking shade, not only as a practical consideration but also as a metaphor for finding moments of tranquility amidst the challenges of life. Join me as I continue to explore this theme and capture the essence of serenity in my upcoming works.

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  • Hi Jane
    What a super painting – and you even included yourself in it!
    Really excellent.
    Must have been a great holiday!
    H x


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