Brighton Open House Invite - May 2023

Want to explore the Brighton Artists Open Houses? Perhaps its your first trip? Read my easy guide, about where I am exhibiting plus a little about the actual Open House concept. Insider tips, with links, on how to see some amazing  artwork and beautiful houses and gardens in this eclectic arty city - Brighton!

Here are my paintings on show this year, you can buy at the open house or online. Alternatively email me and Reserve your painting 

Paintings in 2023 Brighton Open House

If you are planning a trip to see the Open Houses, you can gain an oversight of the variety of trails (of which Fiveways is just one) here  

If you are on my mailing list then an invite to our private view is coming along shortly! You can sign up too, see the top bar

To see our venue based in the Fiveways Trail at 61 Sandgate Road, Brighton, click on the image below for more details about opening times plus there is a map.


Getting there: parking is becoming more tricky but its not impossible, it would be best to park and walk a trail if you have that in mind. 

Train: Ask for London Road Station (neighbouring the main Brighton Station) or for Preston Park Station which is nearer the Fiveways Trail. 

First time in Brighton? If you are walking, then be prepared for some steep hills! Not to worry many venues have lovely teas, coffees and cake to help you. 

Plan your particular trail: Some of the trails cover a wide area, I recommend starting at the top of hills and working down to the houses, its a lot of fun.

Can you buy the artwork? Yes I would say all houses have artwork made by local artists for sale. There is a big variation of price ranges, in our house it is from under £20 to up to £2,000. We always have an annual prize draw in our house with a small artwork being awarded each weekend.

Nowadays you can usually pay by card but most accept cash. Make a note of any particular artwork you like by asking if you can take a photo and then jot down which house it is in, especially helpful if you are seeing lots that day. 

What to expect: Gardens are often also open as well as the houses, artists are living in their house during the festival so often open up some rooms and cram themselves into the rest of the house for May! Not all have wheelchair access, but some do, these are marked on the venue link and the map (see above). You can expect an informal and friendly welcome, artists love showing their work and meeting people who have come especially to see them. You are supporting the artist directly. For me it is lovely to meet and greet people, usually after long hours in the studio over winter.

You can pick up the main Artist open house brochures with all the trails in or if you are in the area, the Fiveways Artists Open Houses brochure - in any house along the way. You will see the Open Houses as they have a big banner outside of the house.


Hope you can make it along, but if you can't you can also look at any of the paintings online in your own home, just go to the gallery, pick a painting and click view in your room.



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