Getting Picky

I am inspired most by a pose that someone strikes, this comes from looking at a lot of dance and drawing dancers. When I first started out drawing dancers, I attempted to draw from memory and capture the movement, then to stop a video and draw the pose and then to work from a photograph. All of this visual watching gives me a lot of information about movement and I then feel I can pick a pose. Many poses for me, do not work. Dancers legs sticking out awkwardly or a pose just seems to be anatomically impossible as a drawing.

Getting Picky

What gets into a painting isn’t always what is planned. There is a lot of elements that are thrown out, started again, revised, reworked and then abandoned. As I continue with painting this is becoming more and more apparent. I guess I am getting picky.

Making it increasingly difficult

Sometimes there are too many things going on in a painting and recently I have started to realise this. For elements of a painting to work, at least for me, they need space to breathe. Too many colours, shapes, drips need attending to and this is how a lot of my time is taken up.

Each painting opens up more possibilities

studio easel painting Holiday Vibes

With a recent painting ‘Holiday Vibes’ I could feel freshness of white against pattern and the strong shape of the woman sitting became stronger. Areas of abstract colour mixed with an interesting shape of both the woman and the surrounding area was very satisfying to create.

Holiday Vibes, Acrylic on Canvas 1mx 80cm

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