I hope you find this as unique and amazing as I do!

Viewing paintings on websites and then imagining how they would look in your own space is tricky. Even if you go to a gallery or to an art fair it is still hard to imagine how the piece will look on your wall. I think that I have solved it!

I have been working hard with a company to help realise this and the final stages have come together. I am happy to announce that you can now view my paintings in the comfort of your home, or in your office using your mobile, computer or mobile device.

In addition to that you can also choose your own frame to go with it and actually see how it will look on your wall, or in a room provided. This is so so clever and really does help when choosing an artwork.

Follow these simple steps:

  • go the gallery and click on the painting you wish to view
  • you will see two boxes "View in a Room" "Try in Your Room"
  • click on one

View in a room: a room will come up and you will see the painting you chose, you can move it with the mouse or finger, depending on the device you are using. Check out the top right where it says 'Frames' you will see a vertical strip of framing possibilities for the artwork. This gives such a great insight into how you can have the piece framed

Try in Your Room: take a photo of the space in your home or office that you would like to see the painting on. Follow the instructions that are given and it will place the painting on your wall to the correct dimensions. To get the best effects ensure that your room is lit well.

I am still trialling this at the moment and would love your feedback from how it works and if there are any glitches. 

Now you can relax and see how the paintings look on your wall - enjoy!

Email Jane in the contact section if you would like to give any feedback, its much appreciated.

Meltdown painting in bright white and orange room

Pictured here in one of the virtual rooms provided is "Meltdown - Our House is on Fire" with white slim frame chosen. This painting is on canvas but you can get them framed easily at your framers. View this painting on your own wall or choose your own frame to suit here


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