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I love sending updates of painting to clients who I know are interested in my work. I send them snaps of work in progress, and crucially the final painting before it goes onto my website. Below are two examples where the paintings sold before being published onto my website. Keeping you in the loop can secure a painting.

'Komorebi', Acrylic on Canvas, 40x60cm, sold,  pictured below. Komorebi was one of the paintings that was snapped up before it was launched to the website

Komorebi painting with table

Connecting with you means that once you are on my VIP list I know that I can message you just to show you what I am currently working on.

The benefit of this is that you can secure a painting before it gets sold. You might also be interested in just viewing a piece over a weekend to see if it looks right in your space. If you are local (Sussex) I am happy to arrange for you.

Below is 'After The Swim', Acrylic on Canvas, 121 x 91cm, Sold, another example of one of the latest paintings to be sold with the VIP Painting Club

After The Swim

Would you like to go on the VIP list to be sent new paintings when they are ready? If you are interested then I know that I can keep you posted and updated with the very latest piece.

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  • And it made the way over to Germany. 😊

    Karen Köhler

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