June 2021 Open House in Brighton - You are Invited

Two years later and I am so happy to be exhibiting in the Brighton Open Houses. We are at a different venue too as my good friend and ceramicist, Frances Doherty, has moved in that time too. I have been exhibiting at her house for about 20 years now, if you are familiar with the house then the new house is just up the road!

My Open House collection of work for 2021 is a collection of paintings that started back in the autumn of 2019.

In 2019 I felt pulled towards the cry for change for the environment. I had been on environmental protests locally and it was a really strong positive experience. I did a mini series of paintings based on my experiences.  ‘Meltdown - Our House is on Fire’ coincided with the huge bushfires in Australia where I had once travelled many years before. The decimation on such a vast scale was sobering and perhaps seemed like a reminder - now a forgotten one for a while.

See the new collection here

In 2020 I had more than enough time to paint, we were all suddenly at home and my studio is in the garden. It was a busy time for me with online sales. 

I felt that I needed to paint people in groups - that Halcyon days feeling of sitting outside in the sunshine around a long table with food and wine. I did several larger paintings on this theme throughout the year such as ‘Hampstead Swimming Pond’. It felt good to be painting people without worries or cares….

In the winter of 2021 the thought of not having any fixed exhibition possibilities ahead seemed, in February, a depressing thought. I was then running very low on inspiration and motivation so painted The ‘Blue Cardi’ and ‘Running Late’.  These smaller pieces contribute to my Paint Sketch series.

Starts 29 May 2021


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