My Tiny Artist Shop

As an artist I am looking for ways to offer new things as well as paintings. This small collection of designs are inspired by my paintings. 

I am super excited about sharing this with you. I have been thinking of how I can create a small shop for quite sometime now. I am always interested in colourful, patterned objects and have been searching for a very high quality company that could do this. 

Finally I have found a brilliant company in London that works with my website, so  I thought now is the time to realise this idea. All of their products are beautifully made and I will be able to show you soon on video.

Being able to  design products with my images on  is amazing!

The overall idea of my tiny online shop is to offer for a limited time various products - probably limited to 5 or 6 with my designs on. This is an online shop only and so only available to order online and not at exhibitions. 

So to launch my first collection I have opted for this gorgeous tote bag with one of my earlier floral paintings on 'Yellow Lilies'. It folds up and is a very generous size

Yellow Lilies Tote bag 

Then I went experimental and as I am always looking for my reading glasses (who isnt!)  I thought it would be fun to design a case for them so that they are easy to find in my bag, this is with the painting Mayas Dream on.  It comes with a tiny glasses cloth with the painting on, click on the image to see the shop

Spectacle case with Mayas Dream on

I also have my calendar with all my large scale paintings on, check this out too, available until mid December only. The other designs shown will also be on the website until then, after that they will disappear and new ones will come for 2024

See the new shop here!

I hope you enjoy my small collection, let me know any feedback you have or suggestions, thank you for supporting me as an artist.

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