Reaching a Tipping Point

Delving into a title of one of my paintings completed in 2016; for this canvas I was inspired by a dance titled Tipping Point. Little did I know that this term would be used in quite an unexpected way in 2019. 

I was exploring various ways of creating movement and playing with pouring paint onto canvas creating channels and areas of colour that made their own way around the canvas instead of using a brush. I tip the canvas to keep it all moving and initially it all moves quite rapidly, gradually slowing as the paint dries. I find this fascinating to watch but after a while a restlessness builds up and I am keen to build on this new colour foundation.

Tipping Point

With these new possibilities I often work at quite a pace, the flow of creativity is high and it is one of my most enjoyable parts of a painting. I still employ these techniques, for me it is a way 'into' a painting.The process encourages me to be braver and take more risks with what I am doing.

Writing this blog post in 2019 of late I have been hearing the term Tipping Point more and more frequently so decided to look it up; The English Dictionary definition is

  1. the point at which a series of small changes or incidents becomes significant enough to cause a larger, more important change.


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