Saying goodbye to 2021 with a little Morning Light Giveaway for you

It is 30 December and here in the UK it has been back to back grey skies for weeks now and having abandoned the studio for quite a while I decided to change that and made the short journey down the garden. How do you handle grey days? My tip! trust your instinct and do something you haven't planned to do, like this blog post, take up painting or if that is too much perhaps my giveaway will brighten up any greyest of days and bring colour to you...

It's been a while since I ventured into the studio, other things in life sometimes take over but just pottering in the studio, doing a little tidying and other jobs gets me in the groove which is great on such a grey day. I find that just going around and reorganising art materials starts a process which feels very familiar - the start of the creative process. Just organising reds, yellows, blues into rows next to my glass paint palette feels right, I started to think about small plans I have had in my mind for a while and after about an hour I abandoned these and get a small Paint Sketch canvas out with some colours that I have no idea what to do with. This random selection is also part of the creative process - the not knowing. Artists are often very good at this as when you start out there is no guide book as to what will happen or appear... All the while I am doing this I am conscious of the nagging feeling in my head - the light is very low and I don't have that many hours to paint before its dark!

So, what do you do if you find these grey days to feel 'flat' and uninspiring?  I can highly recommend taking up drawing or painting. Painting with colour and particularly watercolours can be a real mood lifter, colours flow and move together on damp paper in beautiful and unexpected ways. If you are curious or perhaps if this is on your 'bucket list' to try why not  check out my online watercolour lessons here

If that all seems a little too much then perhaps my first ever screensaver will give you light and colour that you may be craving.

My screensaver for you is from 'Morning Light' and it gives such a beautiful light feeling. It is part of my dance series and I just love how the beautiful light on the figures gives a serene, calm effect and that instant shot of colour too.

Morning Light is also available as a print and original and can be ordered online

When you click on the link below to see your screensaver you will also be given a few 'Google'tips of how to change your current screensaver so, if you are not familiar with how to change your computer screen saver below, (I wasn't and looked them up for you) I just Googled it how to change the screensaver. Wishing you a happy and creative year to come!



    best wishes Jane

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