Staying Creative in a Dreary January Studio

Wishing you a happy 2024!

January for me is one of those months that I am not keen on, light levels are low and with very little sunlight it feels like it can drag on for ages.  I am normally quite creative this time of year and although I haven't been in the studio for a bit I have been working on plans for new paintings through doing drawings on the kitchen table.

Because its been pretty grey here for a long time with plenty of wet weather it is always nice to bring some cheer in and get the creativity flowing using colour. I have made a start working with watercolour paints, being inspired by Brighton Draw (a life drawing collective, based in Brighton) and their fabulous models.

These small watercolours will possibly go towards creating a larger painting but at this stage it is just a case of enjoying colour and seeing what happens.

Not all of the drawings will turn into larger paintings but keeping open to the possibilities is always in the back of my mind. There will be lots more drawings to come before I commit to the large canvas that has just been ordered.

Hope your January is a calm, reflective one. Let the light come in with slightly longer days until we get to spring. If you are little impatient, like me, you can count the days off  with my 2024 calendar

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best wishes Jane



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