Thank You for all Your Continuing Support

As the end of 2022 draws nearer I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who follows me online, either on social media or here as my online community. 

If you enjoy opening up my email newsletters, follow and support me on social media or you have bought paintings from me then thank you! It means more than I can say, being a creative is often quite a solitary business and when I first started trying to promote myself online it felt like a huge hurdle. It hasn't all been plain sailing and I have had to learn the hard way sometimes.

Here are all the 2022's sold pieces

Three years ago I decided I wanted to try and make my online presence work, that meant that I had to learn how to market myself and learn everything that went with it.

I took up all the free things that were available to learn online, the internet is amazing for this, followed other artists that seemed to be making it work online and studied what I could learn from them. Gradually I finally became more confident with how I could hatch a plan to get my paintings online and seen and ultimately for people to come to my site and like them enough to buy them.


Twice a year I do my online sales for my newsletter subscribers, spring and autumn. The next one is in May 2023

There is never a guarantee that any of this would work but gradually building up a community of people who enjoy my work was a revelation  which then turned into sales online! It was such a good feeling.

Fast forward to 2022 and I can see that sales are building but just as importantly connections with people online who are coming to view my work is growing too,  So if you are reading this then that is you! 


x Jane

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