Faced with an empty calendar getting down to planning!

Lockdown has given me some ups and downs resulting with my events calendar looking extremely empty  Being in lockdown has meant that galleries and art fairs have been shut and events have not been running and I think it will take a while until, like everything else, it is running again. The arts sector as well as other sectors have been hit hard and it has a knock on effect for artists across the board.

For me, the effects of this on my art business has been both positive and negative. In 2019 I had decided that I needed to get all of my work up online and have a transparency of selling to my mailing list directly. I did my own marketing course and it was quite hard work, with lots of new skills to learn. Fast forward to 2021 and I am glad I did put all of my work online. Many artists were suddenly left without exhibition space or online presence, at least I was starting out with this and it has gradually grown thanks to all the lovely people out there who have supported me.

It wasn’t all plain sailing though, back at the very beginning of the pandemic in 2020 I was exhibiting in a group show in London just as the exhibition came to a close, it was announced we would all have to stay home. The result for me was that I was unable to retrieve my painting and after a lot of hassle it turned out that it couldn’t be located and the painting went missing, not exactly as I had planned.

As everything starts to open up and as my studio is in the garden it is now possible for me to offer you a coffee and view any of my paintings and/or pick your painting up. This has been so nice to do in the past, If you would like to arrange a time convenient to you let me know.


Coming Up 

I will be holding my Spring online sale in May with selected pieces at super prices to my mailing list. I hold two online sales a year, the other is in the autumn

The Brighton Open Houses are back but instead of May they are being held in June, four weekends plus the first weekend of July. The last open house year was in 2019 and since then my friend and ceramicist, Frances Doherty has moved house so this open house will be very new and different! I have to say I am excited just to be doing this and to meet people again to chat about my work. The Open Houses in Brighton are a big event and I have taken part for over 20 years now. Invite details to follow in May.

What am I up to in April in the studio?

I am busy in the studio building up my new series of Paint Sketches, the Yellow Cardi and The Gin Cocktail being the latest. These 30x40cm paintings on canvas come in a white wood frame, without glass reading for hanging. I am also adding to the Tiny Paintings series over the next months. There will also be Tiny Prints coming if you miss out on purchasing the original painting.

Check out the Paint Sketches here - more coming soon

I also intend to do a larger figurative piece this month which at the time of writing is yet to become clear!

Delivery or purchase of paintings: I now have a shipping policy (see the menu area) detailing delivery or if you are local in West Sussex or even a bit further afield, I can deliver to you.

Need more info or want to get in touch? Email: art@janedenman.com



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