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  • The Roller Coaster Month of March

    March was a roller coaster of a month as I am sure everyone will agree. My story is one of millions that can be related to; I had an exhibition in London, (I have yet to retrieve my painting as it got caught up in lockdown), sold lots of work ..Read more
  • Meltdown - Our House is on Fire

    Have you ever travelled to a place that made you so connected but you couldn’t say why? I did and then several things happened 30 years later to make me create a painting about it. Read the story
  • Social Media Dance Painting

    I am amazed to see who is out there in the world, like minded artists, brilliant artists that inspire me. I have also discovered new people online who have bought my paintings but who I have never met. It can be so rewarding to have comments from complete strangers that help me along the way.