The Benefits of Art Prints on Canvas - my new collection

Every, spring and autumn, as appreciation to my loyal newsletter subscribers, I do a little sale or promotion. This has varied in the past in the form of  print giveaways or a discount on prints and occasionally paintings. This year it is to launch a new collection available to buy online and have delivered straight to you.

This autumn I am launching prints on canvas in two sizes, the larger one is the same size as the original acrylic painting, Jardim Porto. Read all about my inspiration in an earlier blog post here



Apologies for the format of the video!

As is with all of the prints I source which also include  my limited editions, the new prints on canvas are professionally printed to very high standards and all made in the UK.


The prints on canvas are stretched onto a wooden frame and is ready to hang. Choose how deep you would like your canvas too, slimline or slightly more chunky, you decide what would suit your space. it's so easy and it is hard to tell its a print from the original painting. 

See the canvas prints here

I will be showing you in detail one of the new canvas prints very soon - watch this space! 

Benefits of buying artists prints 

1. **Affordability:** Artist prints on canvas are often more affordable than original paintings. This allows art lovers to enjoy high-quality artwork without breaking the bank.

2. **Accessibility:** Many artists choose to create prints of their original works, making their art more accessible to a wider audience. This means you can own a piece of art from a favourite artist even if the original is out of reach.

3. **Variety:** Artists may produce prints of various sizes, colours, and styles, giving buyers a wide range of options to choose from. You can find prints that match your personal taste and decor.

4. **Durability:** Canvas prints are typically durable and long-lasting. They are less prone to fading and damage compared to paper prints. Properly cared for, they can retain their quality for many years.

5. **Texture and Appearance:** Canvas prints mimic the texture of an original painting, providing a more authentic and visually appealing experience compared to flat paper prints. The texture can add depth and character to the artwork.

6. **Customisation:**offering two sizes of the print to fit your space  This can make your print feel more unique.

7. **Investment Potential:** While not as valuable as original works, limited edition artist prints can appreciate in value over time, especially if the artist gains prominence or if the edition is particularly sought after by collectors.

8. **Supporting Artists:** When you purchase artist prints, you're supporting the artist's work and career. This can be especially important for emerging artists trying to establish themselves in the art world.

9. **Convenience:** Canvas prints are typically ready to hang, which makes the process of displaying art in your home or office more convenient. They don't require framing or additional preparation.

10. **Gift Giving:** Artist prints can make thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and loved ones, allowing you to share your appreciation for art with others.

11. **Personal Connection:** Owning a print of an artist's work can create a personal connection to their art and the creative process, even if you don't own the original.

In summary, buying artist prints on canvas can be a cost-effective way to enjoy and collect art while benefiting from the durability, accessibility, and aesthetic appeal of canvas as a medium. Additionally, it supports artists and can offer potential investment value, making it a worthwhile choice for many art enthusiasts.

See the canvas prints here

Also new to this autumn is my new 2024 calendar that features one of my paintings for each month. There are also as some postcard packs (with more to come soon). Check out these here

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I hope you like this small collection as much as I am excited about it! Do email me if you have any queries


Credit: Roy Matthews for photography of stills


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